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The artwork was acquired during the remarkable exhibition "Nervous Fluids" at the Stenersen Museum in 2013. It appears as a unique fusion of elements: detailed landscape motifs executed in ink, mythical creatures in vivid colors, and a line reminiscent of the distinctive style of artists like Melgaard and Munch.


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Sverre Bjertnæs (1976 - )

Original Title

"Nervous fluids"




30 ⅹ 20 cm


Pencil and pen on paper


Wooden frame

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Artwork Selected Jun 10, 2024

Seller Identified Jun 10, 2024

Artwork Authenticated Jun 10, 2024

Co-ownership Agreement Signed Jun 10, 2024

Documented Jun 11, 2024

Safely Stored Jun 11, 2024

Co-ownership Established Jun 11, 2024

Artwork Nervous fluids 2

"Nervous fluids"

Sverre Bjertnæs

1976 -

Sverre Bjertnæs, born 1976 in Trondheim, is considered one of Norway's most important and central contemporary artists. During the last ten years, he has also made a name for himself on the international art scene with works that are characterized by a poetic processing of existential themes based on an autobiographical content. He has apprenticed with some of Norway's best-known figurative artists. In the period 1989-93 he was a student of Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik and in the years 1993-94 of Odd Nerdrum, then he studied for four years at the Norwegian Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo under Arvid Pettersen and Jan Sæther. His first solo exhibition was in Bjarne Melgaard's gallery Norsk Anarkistisk Fraksjon (NAF) in the year 2000. Afterwards, Bjertnæs collaborated closely with Melgaard, they shared a studio in New York and held four exhibitions together during this period. It was definitely a turning point, from the figurative to the more fluid and spontaneous in several genres and techniques. From working with figurative painting based on photographic representations, Bjertnæs has since turned more towards complex installations and multimedia

Why is Sverre Bjertnæs Interesting?

In Bjertnæs' work, one finds a strong interest in exploring and clarifying the dialogue-based starting point of the creative process, whether it is about art historical material or the collaboration with other visual artists, directors, actors or writers. Through the use of literary and art historical references, a distinctive, polyphonic dramaturgy is created.

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