Benefits of Open Art Market

User-Friendly and Secure Investment Platform

We offer an accessible solution that lowers the threshold to the art world, making it possible for anyone to participate in art investments with user-friendliness and security at the forefront. All sellers and co-owners are identified via Vipps or BankID, which means the account is tied to you as a person and not your email address.

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Carefully Selected Authentic Artworks

We provide exclusive access to a collection of carefully curated, authentic artworks, represented by both new talents and established artists. All artworks are examined, documented, and assessed by our team of experts.

Opportunity for Co-Ownership

Open Art Market is a platform that offers a new and accessible way to collect and invest in art. Through a modern co-ownership model, we bridge the traditional art market and a broader art-interested audience.

Diversification of Art Investments

If you're planning to spend a few thousand kroner on art this year, through Open Art Market you can invest in many artworks. This enables risk diversification without committing large parts of your savings, and gives you greater scope to collect new artists, expressions, and styles.

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Transparent Prices and Transactions

Our platform ensures clarity and predictability through a simple and transparent pricing structure, with full transparency in all transactions for our users. See all details about prices here

100 kr / share

10% administration fee + 5 kr per transaction

Potential for Returns on Sale

Investing in art through our platform can result in significant returns on the eventual sale of the artwork, providing a valuable investment opportunity. The artworks offered on the platform are put up for sale at a predetermined time and can be traded and increase in value, without the artwork being sold in its entirety.


Next bid to win the auction

78,500 kroner

The auction ends in 3 days

Digital Ownership Certificates

To enhance security and trust, digital ownership certificates are issued to verify your share of the artwork, with full traceability.

Voting Rights Proportional to Investment Share

As a co-owner, your vote in important decisions will be proportional to the size of your investment share, ensuring fair participation.
For those who have an Apple iPhone, you can download digital ownership certificates to your Apple Wallet.


Should we sell the artwork to the highest bidding co-owner?

How can we help you?

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