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We make art investment as easy as pie.
Take your art interest to the next level.

What is
Open Art Market?

Open Art Market is the most accessible way to invest in curated, sought-after artworks.

Why we started Open Art Market

Art Experiences

Ownership lays the foundation for a deeper and closer relationship with art and artistic practice.

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New Art
Every Month

It's up to you which works, and how much of the artwork you choose to own. You can also choose to subscribe to art.

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Logical and Low
Entry Price

All shares cost 100 kroner, so the choice of art is not limited by the size of your wallet.

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Artwork of the Month

Turid Mathiesen Kvålsvoll

June 2024

Turid Mathiesen Kvålsvoll

Stranda (1960 -)

#50 Marble sisters

Oil on canvas - 31 ⅹ 44 cm

The work was purchased at an exhibition at the Britannia Hotel in 2021. It is one of her expressive and colorful paintings, and the colors have extended onto the frame.


NOK 9,600.00

Total shares


Price Per Share

NOK 100.00

Auctions in


Minimum price

NOK 19,500.00

Buy out now

NOK 39,500.00

* + 10% fee + 5 kroner, total 115 kroner when purchasing one share, or 225 kroner when purchasing two shares.

What happens to the artworks?

Before artworks become available for sale, they undergo a careful curation process, verification, documentation, and are stored professionally and securely. Once the artwork is sold, it is removed from the platform, and co-owners are compensated for their share of the sale proceeds.

1. Curation

Behind our carefully curated works lies high artistic expertise. We are focused on bringing out what makes each artistry interesting and inviting you into the wonderful world of art.

2. Market Offering

The valuation of the artwork determines how many shares are available. The price per ownership share is 100 kroner + fee. Co-owners receive digital certificates, with full traceability, which can be given away as gifts.

3. Share Sale

After the market offering is closed, we open for share sales among the members. Ownership shares can be traded and increase in value without the artwork itself being sold in its entirety. This minimizes risk and allows co-owners to bind capital to a lesser extent.

4. Auction

At a predetermined time, we attempt to sell the artwork through auction. Art auctions provide transparency and a fair market value for the artwork, ensuring that both buyers and sellers get a fair price.

What if the artwork doesn't sell?

If the artwork doesn't sell at auction, co-owners will vote on what to do with the artwork, such as selling it to the highest bidding co-owner.

Can the artwork be bought out early?

After the market offering, the artwork can be bought out from the platform at a predetermined buyout price, usually around double the valuation.

A random bit of artA random bit of artA random bit of artA random bit of artA random bit of art

"I've always been fascinated by art investment, but I felt there was too much money involved in betting on a single artwork. With Open Art Market's approach, I've started my own art collection."

Vegard Bolstad
early customer of Open Art Market

How can we help you?

Here are a few of the questions we get the most. If you don't see what's on your mind, reach out to us anytime on chat, or email.

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