Trude Viken

Trude Viken

1969 -

Trude Viken, born in 1969 in Lødingen, lives and works in Oslo. In 2018, Viken debuted and broke through internationally. This happened suddenly – in New York. Viken's artistry has been compared to Francis Bacon and James Ensor, and her exhibition was recommended among the top five that week. It all started via Instagram, where the American artist Richard Prince, who is well represented in the Astrup Fearnley Museum in Oslo, discovered and commented on Trude Viken's pictures and eventually contacted her because he was interested in buying the pictures.

The portraits and figure compositions do not aim to be "beautiful" in an external sense but beautiful in their naked vulnerability. What is beauty, what is beautiful? Opinions are divided, and it depends on whom you ask. However, the most beautiful thing for many is the deeply human – vulnerable encounters between people. And it is precisely the human, dynamic, and psychological everyday poetry she describes in her paintings. The human pulse and how life pulls us in different directions with emotions and needs. Viken's colors, shapes, and strokes, the painting process itself, become images of life itself. In many ways, the pictures are about the creative power as part of the human – and as a survivor.

Why is Trude Viken interesting?

Trude Viken has found her very unique expression, an expression that she carries forward into the large figure compositions. The intuitive and fresh motifs are displayed in a series of separate and collective exhibitions internationally.

Solo exhibitions

2023 Night Crawlers Fortnight Institute United States of America
2022 Double Portraits OTP Copenhagen Norge
2022 Midnight Activities Belenius Gallery Sverige
2021 Night Eyes Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium Norge
2021 The Tendon Blanket Goes Down at Nightfall Buer Gallery Norge
2019 Unmasked M + B USA
2018 Faces and Traces Fortnight Institute United States of America

Group exhibitions

2023 Jari Lager Gallery Jari Lager Gallery Sør Korea
2023 The Collector KHÅK Kunsthall Norge
2023 Inside Out Kaviar Factory Norge
2023 Nesten Voksen Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium Norge
2023 Strange Figures Marvin Gardens New York
2022 Good to See You Galleri Golsa Norge
2022 Chart Art Fair Chart Art Fair Danmark
2022 Person(a) Venus Over Manhattan New York
2022 Åpningsutstillingen Nasjonalmuseet Norge
2022 Lost in a Spectacle curated by Saša Bogojev Woah Gallery Hong Kong
2021 Midnight Theater Fortnight Institute New York
2021 I Have My Eye On You Everyday Gallery Belgia
2021 Hunters in the Snow 303 Gallery New York
2020 Constellations Buer Gallery Norge
2020 Østlandsutstillingen Østlandsutstillingen Norge
2020 Ryszard Warsinski + Trude Viken Bærum Kunsthall Norge
2020 Lit Naits, Mexico (Oh, Brother) QB Gallery Norge
2019 Edvard Munch`s studio with Markus Brendmoe, Stein Koksvik & Yngvar Larsen Edvard Munch´s studio Norge
2019 Velvet Ropes Galleri Golsa Norge
2018 Sommerutstillingen Fine Art Norway
2017 Østlandsutstillingen, 500 years of the Reformation Østlandsutstillingen Norge
2016 Maskefall, curated by Palazzo Stabile Galleri Albin Upp Norge
2016 Borders and Boundaries Bærum Kunsthall Norge
2016 Åpen dør, Kommunegården Bærum BKIB Norge
2016 grant exhibition Galleri Ramfjord Norge
2015 In Between Bærum Kunsthall Norge
2015 Romeriksutstillingen Ullensaker Kunstforening Norge
2015 Romeriksutstillingen Lørenskog Kunstforening Norge
2015 SUM Rådhusgalleriet, with Eva Galligani & Eline Huitfelt Galleri Albin Upp Norge
2014 Debutantveggen Galleri Ramfjord Norge
2012 Rådhusgalleriet, Avgangsutstilling DTK/Det Tverrfagelige Kunstinstitutt Norge

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