Martin Schreiner

Martin Schreiner

1986 -

Martin Schreiner, born in 1986 in Fredrikstad, primarily works with pen drawings on paper.

After completing two years at Strykejernet Art School, Schreiner began working as an assistant to the artist Sverre Bjertnes. Schreiner assisted with works for the series "Nervous Fluids," which were exhibited at James Fuentes LLC, Galleri K, and Stenersenmuseet. Later, Schreiner was booked for three solo exhibitions within one year. Following the exhibition at QB Gallery in 2015, he had another exhibition at Rod Bianco Gallery: "After all this time."

Why is Martin Schreiner interesting?

Martin Schreiner creates unique universes where mythical figures, historical and pop culture references, and intricate abstract patterns form the basis for personal narratives.

Artworks available for co-ownership by Martin Schreiner

Solo exhibitions

2023 Bare én kveld Selvorganisert Norge
2022 Ingenting å si. Ting å tegner Buer Gallery Norge
2019 FREROX Oslo Galleri Norge
2018 Jeg husker ingenting, men jeg vet jeg hører hjemme her Fredrikstad Kunstforening Norge
2016 Etter all denne tiden Rod Bianco Gallery Norge
2016 Bær krykken som en krone Galleri Golsa Norge
2015 Mørk var natten/ Kald var marken QB Gallery Norge

Group exhibitions

2023 Inkarnasjon Gamle Munch Norge
2021 Kittelsens fødselsdag Munchs Atelier på Ekely Norge
2020 Konstellasjoner Buer Gallery Norge
2019 Vinterutstillingen Soli Brug Galleri Norge
2018 Nordiske Allianser Soli Brug Galleri Norge
2017 Gruppeutstilling Sandefjord Kunstforening Norge
2016 Gruppeutstilling Oslo Galleri Norge
2016 Varde, Go With The Flø Studio Hugo Opdal Norge
2014 Skillingsviser QB Gallery Norge
2014 I Fortrolighet Hydrogenfabrikken Norge
2013 Verk, National Constitution Center Philadelphia Den Norske Ambassade Washington USA
2012 1814 - 2014 Norsk Grunnlov, Amerikansk Inspirasjon Galleri Festiviteten Norge
2011 Kunstresepsjonen Litteraturhuset Fredrikstad Norge

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