Vanessa Baird

Vanessa Baird

1963 -

Vanessa Baird is a Norwegian artist based in Oslo. She was born in Oslo in 1963. She is known for her unique and experimental expression. Vanessa explores human suffering and vulnerability through an imaginative and quiet style. With technical skills and precise craftsmanship, she creates intimate depictions.

Baird holds degrees from SHKS, the Royal College of Art in London, and the National Academy of the Arts in Norway. She belongs to a new generation of artists who have developed their figurative and narrative visual language.

Through painting, installations, and drawings on paper and porcelain, Baird explores grotesque figures, chaotic environments, and vulnerable themes. She touches on existential issues related to being human today, with a focus on female experiences, the body, sexuality, and psychological states.

Why is Vanessa Baird interesting?

Vanessa Baird herself says that she has been drawing every day for over 50 years, something we believe will continue. She also experiences increasing interest from the United Kingdom and received positive reviews for her debut exhibition at the Drawing Room in London.

Artworks available for co-ownership by Vanessa Baird

Solo exhibitions

2023 I Can Get Right Down to the End of the Town and Be Back in Time for Tea FRIEZE London
2023 I Get Along Without You Very Well Glasgow Women's Library Glasgow
2023 The Good Times Used to Kill Me OSL contemporary Norge
2021 If ever there were an end to a story that had no beginning Drawing Room London
2021 Here we are again, happy as can be, all good pals and jolly good company kunsthall stavanger Norge
2019 You are something else KODE- Contemporary Art Museum Bergen
2018 I've got ants in my pants OSL contemporary Norge
2018 You are something else Kunstnernes Hus Norge
2014 OSL contemporary OSL contemporary Norge
2014 Kunstnernes Hus Kunstnernes Hus Norge
2014 Göteborgs Konstmuseum Göteborgs Konstmuseum Norge
2010 Galleri MGM Galleri MGM Norge
2010 Tegneforbundet Tegneforbundet Norge
2008 Me, my father – and somewhere else Gerhardsen Gerner Berlin
2007 Galleri MGM Galleri MGM Norge
2006 Gerhardsen Gerner Gerhardsen Gerner Berlin
2004 Det er rimelig å kreve sannheten av et menneske Galleri Wang norge
2002 You Cant Keep a Good Rabbit Down Galleri Wang norge
2002 Det Nordiska Akvarellmuseet Det Nordiska Akvarellmuseet Sverige
1999 and all I really want is some patience Galleri Wang norge
1999 Moussonturm Moussonturm frankfurt
1998 Galleri med balkong gamla Stan Stockholm
1995 Bergens Kunstforening Bergens Kunstforening Bergen
1995 Rom för aktuell konst Rom för aktuell konst Stockholm
1994 Galleri Wang Galleri Wang norge

Group exhibitions

2019 Kochi Muziris Biennale Kochi Muziris Biennale India
2010 Border District Haugar Vestfold Museum Norge
2009 Stir heart Nasjonalmuseet Norge
2009 Det fins en sång någonstans som låter som en saga Christiansand Kunstforening Norge
2009 Kunstnerbokutstilling Tegneforbundet Norge
2008 Allegorier Drammens Museum Norge
2008 Hardcore Sørlandets Kunstmuseum Norge
2008 Changing Lines Lillehammer Kunstmuseum Norge
2008 STREK I BEVEGELSE Lillehammer Kunstmuseum Norge
2008 Nord Nord West Atle Gerhardsen Berlin
2007 Daydreams and Nightmares The Stenersen Museum Oslo
2006 Three ladies visit Malmö Skånes konstförening Malmö
2006 After Munch Pollock Fine Art London
2006 Gode grannar Bohuslans Museum Sverige
2006 Bomuldsfabrikken Kunsthall Bomuldsfabrikken Kunsthall Bergen
2005 Liquid Soft Lightening Touch doggerfisher Skottland
2005 Kyss Frosken Nasjonalmuseet Norge
2005 Goda Grannar Norrkøping Konstmuseum Sverige
2004 Boys and Girls Zacheta Art Gallery warsawa
2004 In a Norwegian Wood. Norwegian Art of the Last Decade National Gallery of Art Warsaw
2002 Galleri Rubicon Galleri Rubicon Bergen
2002 Rive Deep, Mountain High Samisk Kunstnersenter Karasjok
2002 Tusen blomster i Norsk Samtidskunst Haugar Vestfold Museum Norge
2002 Stop for a moment ¬ Paintinting as narrative Istanbul Museum of Contemporary Art Istanbul
2001 Rana Kunstforening Rana Kunstforening Rana
2001 Lystgass De norske riksutstillingene Norge
2001 Bra mot melankoli Edsvik konst och kulturcenter Stockholm
2000 Sanselighet, kjønn, seksualitet Trondheim kunstmuseum Norge
2000 Painterly Issues The Contemporary Art Center Lithauen
1999 Den store kaninutstillingen Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall Norge
1998 Kebbe Festival Galleri Wang norge
1998 Självporträtt Göteborgs Konstmuseum Göteborg
1998 Vigelandmuseet Vigelandmuseet Norge
1998 Østlandsutstillingen Østlandsutstillingen Norge
1998 Statens Høstutstilling Statens Høstutstilling Norge
1994 The Contemporary Art Center of Vilnius The Contemporary Art Center of Vilnius Vilnius
1993 Østlandsutstillingen Østlandsutstillingen Norge
1992 Oppspinn Solberg Spinneri Norge
1986 Folio Society Exhibition Folio Society Exhibition London
1898 Statens Høstutstilling Kunstnernes Hus Norge

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