Trym Ruud

Trym Ruud

1998 -

Trym Ruud (b. 1998) from Bærum is the artist behind the NFT collection "Rude Boy’s". He began studying graphic design at Westerdals in 2018, and it was during his last semester, in January 2021, that he decided to launch 'Rude Boy’s' on Ethereum's blockchain.

The project started with Trym creating one character every day, for 50 consecutive days. A few weeks into the project, it began to attract international attention, and more and more collectors of crypto art flocked to the project. Each character represents different personalities, emotions, and experiences Trym encounters in life. In the summer of 2021, Trym held his first solo exhibition where he combined both physical and digital art (NFTs). Here, his various characters came to life for the first time on both paper and plexiglass, and we were also introduced to the series "Love Pilots". For his projects, Trym has collaborated with several major players - including Samsung, which is focused on making NFTs accessible to everyone. In addition to digital art, Trym also works with painting, primarily with abstract figurations of robots.

Why is Trym Ruud interesting?

Trym Ruud was one of the first digital artists to reach an international audience and is today the most popular Norwegian NFT artist.

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